Ahh… not much beats an evening at home, naked, having a great pizza. Well, unless you have a hot sub under the table sucking your nuts while you eat, I guess. ;-) And having bred his tight ass while waiting for delivery.

So sweet, a warm wet mouth on my balls, licking, sucking, his face smeared with precum every time my cock head tocuhes it. I really love having a man pay attention to my nuts.

He’ll be drinking my piss later, then I’ll seed his white ass again.


Like most guys, I love watching porn. ;-) The kinds I like best are, I guess, the sort of thing I also do, but can’t see from a third person perspective.

For example, I love interracial porn, especially black men bottoming for white dick. I also love to watch men with really big cocks, taking it up the ass. Dunno why, but that turns me on.

I pretty much only watch bareback porn. Few exceptions. I like to when they do internal cum shots. I don’t need to see the spunk, I prefer knowing that it is going deep into the bottom’s ass.

Watersports is hot too, very hot! Except when guys take piss in the mouth then spit it out. Please! If you’re not into piss play, don’t make piss videos!

Oh, porn done in motel rooms and basements gets old fast. Seriously, film makers, can’t you find different places?

Lost Virginity (Kinda)

Nice day outdoors with the gang. Very raunchy as it always is when we fuck in nature. I guess it is the extra thrill of being outside, rather than indoors. Who knows. I just know it always ends up being far more nasty: we can get into as much piss play as we want without worrying about having to clean the floor. LOL

I was very much in a bottom mood … my hole needed attention, lots of dick. And I got what I wanted. Well, I usually do. ;-) Fucked and bred several times, and piss enemas.

Then I let that one bud do what he’s been begging for, for some time: work his fist up my ass. I was nice and relaxed already, and cum made for good lube. ;-) It was intense, very intense … mind blowing! I came as he got his hand fully inside me. Damn! Hands-free cum shot! He used the spunk as more lube for his wrist. LOL I stayed rock hard as he fisted me some more.

Then I bent him over and power fucked and seeded his hot white ass! LOL

Yeah that was good. I’ll be doingthat again!


Life is good! Taste of spunk in my mouth, loads up my ass. What more could a cum pig want! ;-)

I was on my back, butt in the air, a hard white dick pile driving my fuck hole, while another guy was milking my cock hard, aiming for my face. When I came, I shot mostly into my own mouth. Course I’m a nice guy, I shared the load with him. My spunk tastes good. ;-)

I also shared the loads in my ass, with any who wanted to felch some out.

Now sitting, playing with my nuts, drooling precum, trying to decide who to breed. Give me a bunch of butch horny white studs – ass, dick, cum and piss – and I’m happy. LOL!

Breaking in White Ass

So one of my fuck buds talked me into meeting a friend of his, a man who had never had black dick and wanted to try. Now normally, I am very wary of hooking up with new guys, but I was told this one was my type: rugged, masculine, hairy, and a good bottom … but not a sub.

When he turned up, he was shirtless, showing nice beefy muscled pecs covered in sweat-matted black hair. Woof! As soon as he was in the door, I was working the pecs – and his hand went down the front of my shorts. LOL No wasting time, I like that!

So we were quickly naked and exploring. I played with his bull balls and fingered his hole, while he “examined” my fat dick. After a short while, I told him I wasn’t one for long preliminaries, and that he was getting fucked.

I got him on his back so I could watch his face as I stretched his fuck hole open with my black meat. I could see he was hurting at first, but also how turned on he was: his dick was throbbing like crazy on his hairy stomach.

I fucked him – and bred that ass – then kept right on fucking and seeded him again. He came three times. I fed him his spunk. ;-)

Before he left, I pushed him to his knees in front of me. He didn’t resist. And I asked him how he enjoyed his first black cock. He smiled and kissed it, nuzzled it. “Fucking amazing,” he said. ;-)