About Me

BBC with Ball Stretched Big Black Cock

Thanks for reading this page. :-)

I am a gay male, artist, explorer, I love beauty, creativity, laughter, love, kindness. But I am a dom. Odd combination I guess. But then, I *am* odd, and proud of it.

I refuse to be a prude; sex is a fundamental part of nature, no less than sleeping or eating. This may well keep me out of the “in” crowds, but I prefer to be true to myself.

As I mentioned previously, I am a dom. And furthermore, I am into interracial sex. I am into men, not women or children. I like a man to be brawny, muscular, hairy, tough – not smooth and appearing to be underage or feminine. Sorry, not into twinks.

If you've been attentive, you may have noticed that I refer to myself as a dom, not a Master. I am not into extreme regimented BDSM. I am more laid back and relaxed than that. I do expect and demand obedience and respect, for sure, but I also love to laugh.

As far as kinks go, I am into piss and cum swapping, in a big way. Yes, swapping. Odd for a dom, huh? But I did say I am odd, didn't I? ;-) And there's more strangeness.

Oral sex doesn't do much for me. Sure, I love the sight of a man on his knees in front of me, worshiping my dick. But I'm really into anal. I love to fuck, and I fuck hard. I've got over 10″ of BBC and a man has to be able to take it. But I also love to get fucked.

What? A dom who gets fucked? Hell yes! To me, it isn't about submission, but about what feels good. And I learned how great it feels to get fucked years ago when I went through a period of being a sub. That doesn't stop now that I am a dom; it still feels amazing. I can take as good as I give; I like to be plowed hard, and the bigger the cock, the better. If a guy isn't into topping, I can just tie him down and ride that cock. LOL

I'm also into bareback – I won't fuck any other way. I can well understand if a guy doesn't want to do that, but then I'll just shake his hand and send him home. No man wastes my cum, ever. It goes down his throat, or up his ass. And I do the same for other men. I feed loads and swallow them; I breed ass and get bred.

Piss play is something else I'm into. Sometimes it is really just play: pissing on other guys, or getting pissed on. Other times it is more sleazy: piss drinking and/or pissing up the ass.

But yeah, I am mostly about ass, fucking or getting fucked – or both. My absolute favorite sex is to be in the middle of a three-way fuck sandwich: me fucking a hairy white man's ass, while a hung white stud plows my hole. All the hotter if a bunch of other guys are watching and stroking.

I guess the above all shows that I'm a very sexual creature. I love my cock, balls and ass. I love playing with them (I own several dildos, none smaller than 10″) and having them played with. I love group sex, and having men watch me fuck (or get fucked, or both). Hell, I love wearing pants or shorts that are tight and show a big bulge in front. I'm not gonna hide what I'm packing!

In short, I'm a kinky, dirty old man. :-)

Oh, there are no pics of me here, sorry.

Finally, I'm not looking to hook up, not online, not in person. I'm single by choice. I have a good group of close friends I fuck with, and we're big on mutual self-help. I share things here because it turns em on to do so, and I like to think it turns you on too. But I am happy to chat, via comments on here, or Twitter. Meantime, pull out your throbbing cock, stroke it as you browse the site, and shoot a load of sweet cum – then lick it all up. ;-)

Oh, any sex questions, ask them here.