Pumped Cock – Hairy Ass

Hairy white pumper shows his tight hole.

Vacuum Pumping a Cock

Vacuum Pumping

Pumping your cock is hot even if you don’t need extra size. The vacuum makes your cock swell up, become rock hard and huge. It feels amazing! Penix pumps won’t do anything long term, but they are good fun!

Penis Pumping

Penis Pumping

Penis Pumping

Enormous Pumped Cock

Check out the size of this man’s dick! That’s what vacuum pumping can achieve. Imagine being fucked by a cock that thick!

Enormous Pumped Cock

Vacuum Pumper

I’ve blogged this hot pumper before, but it is worth reposting – hot tattooed statud vacuum pumping his cock.

Cock Vacuum Pumping

Pumping Together

Vacuum pumping is hot – I love how it makes your cock so much bigger and harder! :-) But I’ve never tried this: pumping with another guy. I bet it is a huge trun-on!

Vacuum Pumpers

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