Camili-cat – Class Comics

I already did a post featuring Camili-cat; here is a follow up showing more of this horny felinoid’s raunchy escapades.

The Camili-cat series is available from Class Comics.







Boytoons – Class Comics

Prepare yourself for the Boytoons of Class Comics to be unleashed in a bold new illustration style that is all the rage right now in print and on television!

Drawing under the pen name of Bryce Peters, Patrick Fillion serves up six hot new stories featuring our most popular heroes as they’ve never been seen before.

Zahn fights for his life as a human sacrifice! Camili-Cat works to seduce a band of thieves! Locus must save his friends from the clutches of Tarantulo! Ghostboy and Diablo face an aroused spirit! Zack throws himself into a grudge wrestling match! And you get a personal introduction to our newest Boytoon… Mako Finn!

Available from Class Comics.







Locus – Class Comics


It’s been a long time coming! At last, the lean, green sex machine gets his very own title!

Taking place almost immediately after the events in Felinoids #3, Locus #1 finds our handsome green protagonist on the run from the Sektan Authorities and in hiding on the planet Suktamimus. Locus has broken the most sacred of Sektan laws, and now his life is on the line.

Of course the authorities eventually catch up with our hero, and now they intend to take him back to Sekta Prime where he will be punished for his crimes. What follows is possibly the most amazingly creative sex Patrick has ever illustrated, coupled with a powerful and very current narrative that will resonate in almost every reader.

This book also gives us our first look at how Locus and Camili-Cat originally met in an intimate and explicit look at their years on the dangerous streets of Darria.

Fans have been clamoring for this title for years, and Patrick Fillion delivers the goods with absolute panache and relish. It’s clear that he loves Locus and completely threw himself into this title to make it the most amazing book it could be. An absolute triumph, this book is an incredible, out of this world sexual escapade.

Written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion. Colored by Golden Key.
Available from Class Comics.