Special Corps

  • ONE

    Unlike most of us, under Jon's transparent grey uniform, he wears an opaque loin cloth. And this aroused my natural curiosity. A long time ago, the sight of genitals was considered immoral; now it is considered a part of the natural esthetic beauty of a human being. I, for example, keep my cock to the side so as not to obscure my balls, which are quite large and further lifted up and out by my loin cloth. My civilian clothes emphasize my large pectorals by bands of color, drawing attention to the gold rings in my large nipples.

    Jon was a mystery to me. He was very muscular, but so are all the other young men at the academy. But what was he hiding between his legs? The size of the bulge was promising, tantalizing. I asked around, but apparently he had not slept with anyone else, which was also unusual. I had dated Ron for about a month after discovering how much he truely enjoyed it when I fucked him. But generally affairs were casual and short-lived.

    I had to find a way of attracting Jon's attention. I discussed it with Jake and Phil after a hot session (Jake had fucked me while I did Phil) and we came up with an idea. The current fashion was to shave your body hair completely in order to better display your physique. We could not think of a single cadet who was not shaved. So I would let my body hair grow back. It's quite thick, black, on my chest, abdomen, ass and legs. With the help of a cream, it grew back overnight.

    The plan worked, Jon noticed. In fact, during morning class the next day, he almost couldn't take his eyes off me. When the lesson was over, I stood and made sure he got a good look at my butt. Looking over my shoulder, I winked at him. He actually blushed!

    Outside the lecture hall, I was waiting when he emerged, almost running into me. I was fully hard and he noticed. Smiling, I said, “I see you prefer me this way, natural.”

    He swallowed and then nodded, without meeting my eyes.

    I paused. “I thought you didn't like my dick,” I said at last.

    This made him smile, at last. “Actually, I do. But when you see so many around… it's not special anymore. Today you became special by doing something different from everyone else. And besides, body hair is a turn-on for me.”

    Jon's comments were surprising, but they made sense. I'd never stopped to think that we had all reduced ourselves to being copies of one another.

    On impulse, I took Jon's hand and placed it between my legs, over my balls. Jon glanced around nervously, obviously concerned that someone might be watching. No one was; it was by no means uncommon to see men fondling each other in public. But he was uncomfortable. Nonetheless, he kneaded my oversized gonads for a moment before letting go. He was blushing furiously, but I knew better than to laugh.

    “Something tells me you enjoyed that,” I said, looking downward, where the bulge at his groin was now unmistakable. His cock was perfectly outlined, and of remarkable size. Brushing my hand over his chest, his prominent nipples, I added, “And I bet you'd like to shove that big thing into my hairy ass.”

    After the briefest of hesitations, “Oh yes!” It came out as a whisper, but I heard the lust in his voice.

    I moved my hand down his body to squeeze his balls firmly, making him gasp, and leaned in to whisper, “I have to warn you, man, that I like it rough. Only a man who rides hard gets my ass.”

    He smiled, lewdly, closing his hand over mine and thus exerting more pressure on his own nuts. “I glad to hear that,” he said. “And I hope you really mean it.” And his other hand went for my balls and squeezed, hard.

    Now it was my turn to gasp in surprise, and pain, but my cock throbbed. “Shit yes!” I groaned.

    As if by agreement, we releasd our holds on each other. By this time, we had attracted a little amused attention, but neither of us cared. “I'll be at your place at twenty hundred,” he said smiling. “Be ready.”

  • TWO

    I was fully naked, but for a wide steel cock ring, and erect in anticipation when the door chimed, right on time. Jon was wearing transparent black pants, a matching tank which was cut low so that his nipples were in plain view. His loin cloth was also black, but opaque, and in a style that pushed his genitals up and out.

    He smiled at me, at my evident arousal, but he reached for my chest, running his hands through the dense growth of black hair. “Man, this makes you look so hot,” he said. “Such a waste to shave it off!” Then he drew me into his arms and we kissed. His hands roamed over my ass, exploring it's hairiness, spreading the cheeks, fingers rubbing over my hole. I too explored the hard muscularity of his body through his clothes. My naked cock was crushed between our abdomens, his covered one pressed against my balls.

    He pulled back and grinned. “Your hole is ready for my cock, I see.” He was right, I had lubed it well. “But not so soon.” And he directed my head downward. I did not need to be prompted further, and closed my lips over his left nipple. I sucked and chewed on it, making Jon groan in pleasure and pain. Then I transfered my attention to the other nipple while working the first with my fingers, twisting and pinching the erect flesh.

    Eventually, Jon had to push me away. I watched as he removed tank and pants, remaining in that small black loin cloth which now strained to contain his massive cock. Wisps of dark brown hair sprouted all round his crotch. So he wasn't shaved, just naturally smooth. I looked up to see that he was smiling at me. “You want to see my cock, don't you?” Without waiting for a reply, he went on. “Not yet, my friend. Go sit over there, legs wide. I want to enjoy that hairy body of yours for a while.”

    I did as he indicated. Jon sat next to me and closed a hand round my ball sack, stretching it incredibly as his mouth descended on one of my pierced nipples. For quite some time, Jon explored my body with his hands and tongue. He teased and tortured my body, particularly my balls and nipples. His fingers entered my ass, fucking it and stretching it open. But he never once touched my rock-hard dick. Then Jon knelt between my legs, had me pull my knees up to my chest, and began a serious examination of my ass. He drove his fingers into me, licked my hair filled crack… At one point, he was using three fingers of each hand to keep my hole open while he licked the pink flesh inside.

    When Jon stood at last, I was desperate to feel him inside me, but he had other plans. With a lewd sneer, Jon ripped off his loin cloth, revealing his cock at last. It stood perfectly upright against his body, long, very thick. The head, pierced by a gold ring, reached somewhat beyond his navel. His balls were not as large as mine, but they dangled much lower. “I stretched the sack permanently,” he said, lifting his nuts on the palm of his hand, then letting them drop. “I think it looks good, and it sure feels great!”

    I went to kneel at Jon's feet and repeated his gesture. I swatted at his balls, gently at first, and then harder, making him grunt. Then, grabbing onto his firm butt for support, I took both his balls into my mouth. Jon sighed in contentment as I suckled his orbs, washing them with my tongue. “Yeah, man, suck those balls! They're going to pump a lot of cream into your ass later.”

    Jon pushed me away and walked over to the materializer. My couch disappeared. Jon returned with what looked like a ball stretcher. He wrapped it skillfully around my sack, with the result that my nuts were stretched about 6 inches. He then produced a sound, pulled back my foreskin, and slid it into my cock. There was no pain, but the feeling was intense. And finally, while I bent over and held my buns apart, Jon pushed a large plug into my ass. Only then did Jon give me what I wanted: he thrust his cock into my mouth.

    While Jon fucked my mouth, the electricity began to flow. It tingled through my body, between the sound, the plug and the stretcher. The sensation was wild, and totally indescribable. It served to distract me from the discomfort of having that thick tool rammed down my throat again and again. I have no idea how long it went on, my mind was practically overloaded, flooded by the intense stimulation.

    But eventually it did end. Jon pulled his dick out of my mouth and the electrical tingling ceased. I was breathless, dazed, and more aroused than I thought possible. Jon moved behind me and yanked the plug from my hole, then rammed his cock in its place, making me cry out in surprise and pleasure. Chuckling, Jon reached forward and pulled the sound out of my dick. The he pushed me forward so I was on all fours and made good his promise: he fucked me hard and fast.

    It was the best fuck of my life! He would pull his thick tool completely out and then power it all the way back into me, his balls slapping hard against mine. My own dick trobbed, but I couldn't need it, needing my hands to brace myself against Jon's violent thrusts.

    Suddenly, Jon pulled out and before I knew it, he had flipped me onto my back, pressed my kness up against my chest and rammed back into my ass. “This way I can see that hairy body,” he said, and resumed his frenzied fucking.

    When he stopped, body tense, head back, I knew he was cumming. I swear I could feel his cum blast into me! Jon fell heavily on top of me and lay there gasping for breath. I held him tightly and waited.

    When Jon stirred, I thought he would pull out. Instead, he managed to stretch out his legs and pulled me up so I was sitting astride him. His dick had softened, but was still comfortably inside my ass. He gripped my cock with both hands and began stroking it. “Come for me, man,” he breathed. “Shoot all over your hairy chest!”

    I leaned back, bracing my hands on the floor behind me as he pumped my dick. I was so hot that it didn't take long. With a loud groan, I shot, spraying thick cream all over myself, up to my face. My body was trembling as Jon pulled me down on top of him and held me.

    It was some time before I moved, and this time Jon did slide his rod out of my ass. He unfastened the ball stretcher and looked at me with a funny smile. “Well, what do you think?”

    I was puzzled but he offered no clue. And then I realized that my balls were not retracting; the stretcher's effects were permanent. They would forever dangle 6 inches from my crotch.


    The following day, I began wearing opaque loin cloths as well. I wanted Jon's ‘gift' to remain a secret, for a while at least. It would soon become common knowledge, of course, for the showers were communal.

    Jon and I began spending a lot of time together, not only at night, but during the day as well, when classes allowed. We would fondle each other openly, but this was not considered unusual.

    The day after our first encounter, Jon offered me his ass and I took it as hard as he had taken mine. I tortured his body with clamps and electrical devices, finding that he particulary enjoyed it when I applied pain to his nipples. However, in general it was always me in the bottom role. I loved it when Jon played with my ass, and he began teaching me greater control over the muscles there. He decided that I should be able to take two cocks at the same time, or his fist, or larger things. I took to wearing a butt plug during the day.

    Jon also changed my civilian wardrobe. He had me wear low cut tanks which left my chest completely uncovered. My loin cloths were all to be thong style so that my hair-covered butt was visible, but soon he insisted that I go back to wearing transparent loin cloths designed to project my cock and balls up and out. The less I wore in public, the happier he was. I realized that he had laid claim to me, that he was proud to display me and I did my best to please him.

    Monogamy was unknown among males, so we often had friends with us. In those situations, I was always bottom, happy to have the others use my body for their pleasure. We were two weeks into our relationship when I finally found myself with two big cocks up my ass, Jon's and that of one of our professors, Ng, who's ebony dick was even thicker than Jon's.

    I had spent some time sucking the two men's balls, something which I knew Jon loved. Then Jon lay on the bed and had me sit astride him, impaling myself on his tool. I leaned forward and Ng took me from behind. The feeling was indescribable, as Ng fucked me hard, his cock sliding over Jon's inside my ass.

    Sometimes, in the showers for example, Jon would ask one of our friends to fuck me while he watched or while I sucked him off. In public at least, I was slowly becoming his sex slave; he would lend me out as the mood took him. But in private, he would still on occasion have me work him over hard, spreading his butt for a violent fuck.

    At the end of our first month together, Jon took me to a club I had never heard of before. He had me leave all my clothes at the door, leaving me with a cock ring which kept me rock hard by electrical stimulation. The inside was dimly lit, but I saw at once that there were young men hanging from chains in the ceiling. They were naked, erect, and served as mere decoration. Others were more accessible, bound with their asses exposed for anyone to use, their mouths and hands also free to stimulate. Others were on their backs, cocks sticking up should anyone desire to fuck himself.

    Jon led me over to the bar. “Kneel, and take my cock into your mouth,” he said. I did as I was told. Moments later, he began to piss. I was dumbfounded, for he had never done this before. But I drank, and found it exhilerating. When the flow ceased, I continued to suck until Jon's cock was wonderfully hard. Then Jon directed me to his balls, and I sucked them the way he likes best, by taking them both into my mouth and lapping at them, while holding his firm butt.

    Later on, Jon led me over to a sling. I climbed into it and he left me there. For the next few hours, I was used almost non stop. I was fucked in the ass or in the mouth, I was directed to masturbate or caress, men would piss in my mouth. Some of these were fellow class mates, professors, but I recognized others who were bound or hanging as decoration. Jake, the cadet who had helped me devise the plan to attract Jon's attention, came over to me at one point and inserted a device into my ass, which he used to stretch my hole wide open. He left it there and then fucked my mouth, cumming all over my chest. His load joined many others.

    When Jon eventually returned for me, he was with Ng. They were both naked. Ng slipped his rod into my mouth and pissed. When he was done, he moved round and pushed his cock into my ass, fucking me unhurridly. Jon pushed his large balls into my mouth and stood rubbing the jism over my hairy body.

    “You have done nicely with him,” commented Ng. “He's become an excellent sex toy. His ass is especially well trained.”

    Jon chuckled. “He learns well.”

    “Tomorrow I'll transfer him and a few of the others here into the Special Corps of the academy,” said Ng. “They would be wasted as star fighters. Far better to have them serve the troops and officers.”

    Jon laughed at this and twisted my nipples viciously, making my cock lurch at the pain. “Just don't shave his body,” he commented. “He's much more appealing this way.”

    “I must admit that you're right,” agreed Ng. He pulled out of my ass. Then he and Jon walked away, leaving me available for others.

  • FOUR

    The next morning, I joined the Fleet Special Corps. I handed in my cadet grey uniform, and received a new one: a black leather body harness. I quickly discovered that it's fucntion was to allow me to be suspended in any way while leaving my body fully exposed and accessible. The built-in cock ring provided constant electro-stimulation, of course, keeping me fully hard and aroused.

    Jon's training of my ass served me well, but it was continued and I learned to take ever larger objects inside me. I learned to push my own cock and balls up my ass and fuck myself, and to suck my own dick. I slowly became even more muscular through training, my body hair was thickened, my cock enlarged.

    I lived in the training center, but Jon came to visit me frequently, delighted by the physical transformations to which I had been subjected. When I had free time and left the center, I was to wear as little as possible to put myself on display, with my cock upright and fully erect at all times.

    After two weeks of this intense training, I became an effective member of the Corps and began to serve. I served the men of the academy. I discovered that Ng had already booked me for a private party.

    I arrived early, as instructed. I was told to strip and led to the dining room, where the servants had me lie on my back on the central table. My legs were raised and spread, my feet hooked into straps hanging from the ceiling. My hands were left free but I was told to keep my arms along my sides. A spreader was inserted into my ass and opened wide. A ring was closed round my sack and my balls were strung up between my legs and a sound was inserted into my cock. The servants the proceeded to lay food out on my body, not on plates, but directly on me.

    Ng came to check the preparations. His dark body was splendid in the sheer silver clothes he wore, the pants being completely transparent at the crotch, and a small opening allowed his balls to hang completely free. At his signal, a servant removed the anal spreader and began inserting a series of small steel spheres into my ass. Ng came over to me and ran his hand over my imprisoned balls. “As each guest arrives, you will give him one of those spheres.” I nodded and he smiled.

    The invited men began to arrive shortly afterward. They were other academy professors and military men of rank. They were all superb specimens of manhood, very well built, their bodies and cocks proudly on display in very fashionable clothes. As each one arrived, he would place his hand near my ass and I expelled one of the spheres for him. The men chatted, laughed as they helped themselves to the food which had been laid out on my body. Occasionally, someone would push his dick into my mouth and fuck it briefly. Ng stood near me and had me fondle his balls while he talked to someone else. Once I had delivered up the last of the spheres, my ass became available as well.

    Once all the food had been cleared from my body, I was led away and quickly washed before being taken back to the dining room. The guests had formed a circle and I stood in the middle. Ng stepped forward. “My friends,” he began. “You know the rules of the game. Follow the instructions in your sphere.” Holding up his own sphere, Ng twisted it open and extracted a piece of paper. “As a reminder, one of you will be taking him home tonight,” he said, and then read the paper. “Fuck his mouth.” Ng shrugged. “I was hoping for something else, but…”

    Ng had me kneel and pull out his massive organ. I liked it for a moment and then took it into my mouth, which he proceeded to fuck, hard and fast, until he shot. He moved away and it was the next man's turn. He was luckier and got my ass. One by one, the men opened their spheres and used me according to the instructions they contained. A few were unlucky and were directed to bring me to orgasm, one by letting me fuck him.

    The man who won me for the night was not allowed to participate in the game itself, but as soon as it was over, I was sent to him. General May had a massive, hair-covered chest, pierced nipples and a beautiful cock. I spent the rest of the evening sucking his balls, knowing I would be put to better use later.

    And in fact, once we were alone in his house, the general thrust into me almost at once, fucking me hard with that beautiful big dick of his. After he shot inside me, May called his son. The young man was a genetic clone, as well built and hairy as his father, with the same beautiful organ. May sat to the side, watching us, and to my surprise, his son lay back, spread his legs and directed my cock into his ass. I fucked him slowly, gently, for my rod was now unnaturally long and thick. He masturbated with his right hand, while his left explored my chest. We came at the same time. While I spurted into his body, he shot onto mine.

    When I pulled out, the general was standing over me. Unbidden, I took his cock into my mouth. He pissed, as I knew he would. Then he directed me to his son's dick, which I sucked while the general mounted me again.

    I slept that night with the general's cock and balls inside my ass, while his son and I were in a 69 position. In the morning, they fucked me together, and I was made to bring myself off with my own mouth. The general left without another word, but he son remained with me a while, inserting objects into my ass while asking me about the Corps.

    I was returned to the Corps in the general's own aircar. I thanked the chauffeur appropriately by giving him a blow job.

  • FIVE

    About a month after I had joined the Special Corps, I was assigned to a space mission. It was nothing special, just a change of the guard on Moon base, and so I was the only Corps member on ship, sent to keep the ten other men happy. It was two days out, two in base and two back.

    After takeoff, the captain, Jason, led me to his cabin. I spent a pleasant hour licking his shaved, muscular body; a significant part of that time with my face pressed between his firm buns, lapping at his hole. The captain then surprised me by reversing roles. He licked my hairy body for a very long time, and he too paid great attention to my anus.

    We were face to face when Jason slid into me. His thrusts were powerful, and yet he was gentle, smiling at me. I used all my skills to please him. After he came, Jason held me in his arms for some time. He asked me whether I was happy with the Corps. “I am, Sir,” I replied. “I enjoy serving other men, and I'm happy if they receive pleasure from my body.”

    After the captain sent me away, the crew were free to make use of me, and they did, usually several at once. I had meant what I said: I lived to serve men's cocks, to feel them inside me, to drink their cum. Jon had done me a great favor by making me a sex slave.

    On reaching Moon base, rather than going to the Special Corps lodgings, I stayed with Jason, at his request. I accompanied him to social events and he showed me the highlights of the vast complex. Heads turned when we passed, for Jason was very handsome in his dark blue fleet uniform, and I was completely naked, my cock always upright and rock hard (the head now reached the cleft between my pecs), my balls swinging half-way to my knees. Whenever Jason was sitting, I was kneeling between his legs, always ready to take his cock or balls into my mouth.

    In short, while Jason always used me as the sex slave I was, he did show some concern for my thoughts and feelings, unlike most others. We would talk a great deal when we were alone. He asked me about my life, how I had become a member of the Special Corps, and so on. At first, I did not ask any questions of him, but I listened when he told me about his life, a lover he had lost during the Great Mars War, a fling he had had with a criminal in the Mars penitentiary. When we were alone together, after sex, we would sit or lie together, caressing each other and talking. Once he even confessed that my massive hairy body turned him on like no one else ever had.

    But when we were in public, I was his sex slave and he treated me as such. He loved to show me off to his friends, particularly my tallented ass. Five times in two days I wound up with two big cocks up my ass, and once he had me put on a show by fucking myself with my own dick.

    But the return home was different. We had a new crew, having left the outbound crew on Moon base, and Jason left me to ‘entertain' them while he was busy with flight plans and other duties. When he finally sent for me, I had many loads of cum running down my chest, and many more inside me. Jason smiled as he rubbed the jism over me. Then he closed his hands round the shaft of my cock, stroking it gently, apparently in deep thought.

    “It's so big,” he said at last, his voice barely a whisper. I reached for his own erection, but he pushed my hand away. Instead, he led me over to his bunk and sat beside me, still stroking my cock. “Damn big,” he said again. “But I want it.”

    Jason got to his feet and stood straddling my legs. When he gripped my rod again, I understood. He began lowering himself onto it. I heard his gasp of pain as the head stretched his spincter wide open, but he didn't stop. It wasn't until he had taken well over half my length that he paused. He was breathing heavily, but his dick was drooling copiously on my chest.

    He got up and pulled me to my feet so he could lie on his back on the bunk. “Fuck me,” he said. So I did. I went slowly and gently, until he was able to take the entire length of my huge cock inside his ass. I'd fucked others, of course, but they had all been bottoms. Jason was a top and I doubted he had taken many dicks up his ass. I was surprised to say the least.

    “Come on, man,” growled Jason. “Fuck that tight muscle ass! Shoot your cum inside me!” His hands went for my pierced nipples, torturing them wonderfully. He locked his legs round my waist and drove me on. So I rode him hard. And all too soon I felt the familiar churning in my balls and I emptied them into him.

    Jason held me tightly against his heaving chest, my dick still deep inside his ass. “I've wanted that for some time,” he said at last. “You have come to be more for me than just a Special Corps sex toy.” I looked up, puzzled. He smiled and kissed me on the lips. “With my salary, I can easily afford you as my own slave. What do you say?” My look of frank amazement made him laugh out loud. “Come on, stud, what do you say? I'll have to make some changes, of course: bigger muscles, more hair…” He trailed off for a moment. “And the biggest cock on the planet, to make everyone turn and stare.” He grinned. “And you'll train me to take every inch of it.”

    I grinned back at him. “I would be very happy to be your slave, Sir! I will make you proud of me!”

    Jason laughed and pushed me off. “Get your ass in the air! I'm going to celebrate!”

    The End